(( Double Faction Permission ))

While a member of the Central Los Santos Medical Center sub-faction, you may also join another official faction on an alternate character. To receive double faction permission, you must adhere to the guidelines set out in this topic and also the guidelines set by your other official faction. Failing to meet the standards of either faction may result in termination from one or both factions and revocation of your double faction permission.

  • You may only receive double faction permission for one other faction. Certain factions that require no in-game activity (like the judiciary) are an exception to this rule.
  • You must follow the minimum in-game activity rules set out by both the Hospital faction and your second faction.
  • You must maintain 0.5 hours of UCP activity before applying for double faction permission.
  • You may not join both the LSFD's main faction and the Hospital sub-faction at the same time.
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Dr. David A. Reynolds, MD, FACS, FACC
Chief of Medicine

Retired LSFD High Command