Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Mount Zonah Medical Center | Los Santos, San Andreas

(( In-Character ))

Q: How do I apply to join your Residency program?
A: Full information on the hiring process can be found in the Physician Employment webpage.

Q: Who is eligible to join your Residency program?
A: Only those who have (a) received an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution in the United States and who are (b) currently in their final year of study at an LCME-accredited medical school may apply.

Q: If I am currently a Resident Physician at another hospital, may I transfer to your Residency program?
A: No, we do not allow transferring as a resident physician. When you near completion of your residency, you may transfer into one of our Fellowship programs.

Q: How do I apply for a transfer to the hospital as a Fellow or Attending Physician?
A: Full information on the hiring process can be found in the Reinstatements & Transfers webpage.

Q: Why is there a written section on the application for residency?
A: Section III, Question 1 is included in the application (a) to gauge your personality and motivation and (b) to gauge your command of the English language.

Q: What will the examination stage cover?
A: Your examination will cover six discrete sections: I. Vitals and Stabilization; II. Fundamental and Radio Diagnostic Procedures; III. Airway Management and Resuscitation; IV. General Procedures; V. Surgical Procedures; VI. A Scenario. Please note that you will receive a study guide. (( We ask that you do use that study guide to help guide your examination. We want you to learn this information in a low-stress manner. ))

Q: What will the training stage cover?
A: The training process will first be a demonstration by one of our trainers on a patient care manikin. After the demonstration, you will be asked to complete a practicum in which you perform treatment on a patient care manikin.
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(( Out-of-Character ))

Q: Do I need any outside knowledge of medicine or anatomy?
A: Absolutely not! There is no required outside knowledge. We have detailed, yet accessible guides that will help guide your roleplay. We want you to learn by experience, to use the guides while you roleplay, and to mainly have fun. We strive for accessibility and fun, but try to maintain realistic roleplay.

Q: Does "Resident Physician" mean that my character has to live at the hospital?
A: No. "Residency" refers to the state of being in postgraduate training as a physician, it has nothing to do with living arrangements.

Q: What is the required in-game activity for this faction?
A: You must average 30 minutes of daily in-game activity to be a member of the faction in good standing.

Q: If I was previously in the LSFD, may I apply for transfer instead of starting as a Resident?
A: You may only transfer into the hospital sub-faction if you had a physician character on LS-RP's SA-MP server who was at least a Senior Resident. Those who served in the EMT sector, Fire sector, or Pre-Hospital sector must apply as a new Resident and may not transfer as a Fellow or Attending Physician.

Q: If I have experience with medical roleplay on another server, may I transfer in as a higher rank than Resident?
A: No. You may only transfer in as a higher rank than Resident if you were involved in LS-RP's SA-MP server as a physician character with the rank of Senior Resident or above.

Q: If I have real-life medical experience, may I transfer in as a higher rank than Resident?
A: No. While we appreciate your expertise, we are reserving transfers to former faction members from the SA-MP server.

Q: If I was previously banned from the LSFD or hospital, may I now apply?
A: Yes. In the spirit of LS-RP giving all players a fresh slate, all faction bans have also been absolved.

Q: Will you guys have nurses or other "part time" roles?
A: At this point, we have no plans to create more roles. If the faction grows at a steady rate, we may expand faction membership to a nursing staff. All nurses will be NPC'd as they were for many years on the SA-MP server.
Dr. David A. Reynolds, MD, FACS, FACC
Chief of Medicine

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