Firefighter III Kasey Webster


Firefighter talks down a suicidal patient
30th August, 2023
LSFD Spokesperson: Axel Thorne

In the early hours of August 26th, the Fire Department was alerted of an on-going situation which involved a female who had situated herself on top of a building at the Power Street Construction Site. In collaboration with the Los Santos Sheriffs Department, Firefighter Hayes, who was the paramedic on scene had acted swiftly in her actions to start a dialog with the patient. Firefighter Hayes remained on the scene, during this high-stressful situation talking to the female which had lasted around one hour before she had managed to talk the female down from the building.

If it wasn't for Firefighter Hayes' actions on that day, the City would of lost a citizen. The Department is lucky to have an employee who acted with exemplary dedication towards her job which resulted in the female's safe being from the situation. Firefighter Hayes' actions showcase the dedication the Department has towards the community and her upmost professionalism she has not only to the job but to the community as well. Upon being informed of the situation after it had ended, the Department saw it fit she was commended for her actions on that morning, where she was awarded the Meritorious Conduct Commendation Ribbon which is awarded to members who have performed a notable act of distinction in the line of duty which reflects the integrity and devotion shown to the Department.

Firefighter Hayes, whilst being awarded this commendation has previously been awarded Firefighter of the Month for her dedication to her job. She is an exemplary employee in which all members of our Department should look up to as she provides the most selfless and professional care in which brings herself and the Department as a whole pride. We would like to take this moment to thank Firefighter Hayes and also congratulate her for receiving both of these awards.